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EST. | 2017


Our Beers


SEAGATE Podge Porter
5.0% abv

A very special batch of our Promise Porter  to honour the passing of a great Belgian beer expert, buyer and seller,  writer of beer tasting guides and one man brewery and bar tour guide for 1000's of people for decades, our friend Podge. R.I.P.

SEAGATE Monday Morning Mocha
8.0% abv

A variant of Belgian Style Heavy Imperial IPA, less alcoholic but with addition of Black Malt. 

With a rich, smooth, luxurious taste and long dark belgian chocolate coffee finish.

SEAGATE Scottie Stout
5.5% abv

A Scottish Type Heavy Sweet Stout using roasted malts and Challenger Hops.

In fermentation 21-27th March 2019 tasting notes to come.

SEAGATE Bourbon Stout 7.0% abv

Based on a Brewdog Jet Black Heart recipe with Belgian Ale Yeast and added chopped oak cask staves marinated in Jack Daniels Whiskey.

Rich and heavy taste with oak and whiskey overtones.

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