26/03/18 Promise Porter

Hopcat gets called in to action for the first time for a 20 Litre batch of our Promise Porter as photos below, easy to set up and use, especially the internal recirculation pump and efficient chiller unit, fast clean together with my twin controlled heating fermentors, put into new Keg and some bottles, have to wait till end of the month now taste the results.


First Keg.....



03/04/18 (updated bottling 22/04/18) Raven Black

Hopcat back in action doing a small 5 Litre trial brew of new recipe Raven Black Imperial Stout aiming for very dark 10-11%,

Original Gravity 1.110...

Final Gravity 1.030

10.5% abv approx.

Uses smoked malt for effect.




10/04/18 (updated bottling/keging 17/04/18) Weissbier

Doing a split 20 litre brew of our Cloudy German Horatio Weissbier with one sent to

Fermenter A with Spicy Belgian Wit Yeast and to have orange peel added.

Fermenter B uses Bavarian Wheat Yeast and having Lemon peel additions.

Aiming for 5-5.5 %,

Original Gravity 1.052

Final Gravity 1.013

5.1 % abv.




24/04/18  Red Rye Hood

Update (rebrewed on 15/06/18  & 22/12/18)

New brew for  a small 10 Litre trial of new recipe Red Rye Hood IPA. Has a beautiful Reddy Brown Hue, aiming for modest, easy drinking 5.5-6%,

Original Gravity 1.060...

Uses Red Rye malt and Crystal 140 for effect.




18/05/18 Yank Yank single Hop Varieties

update ( rebrewed 04/07/18 & 19/08/18 used orange juice again for secondary fermentation))

New simple recipe for an American Style IPA named Seagate Yank Yank.

Just one Pale malt and one hop Sorachi, split batch into two fermenters one with orange juice and yeast for secondary fermentation and one dry hopped with normal priming sugar and yeast.

First time using Irish Moss and Beerite Fining agents, great results lot cleaner looking beer.

Looking to be around 6%.

Conditioning in bottle and in mini keg.

Rebrewed 19/08/18 with Citra hops, more  lemon tasting. Bottled and Kegged 30/08/18.


31/08/18 Podge Porter

Hopcat gets called in to action again for a very special batch of our Promise Porter  to honour the passing of a great Belgian beer expert, buyer and seller,  writer of beer tasting guides and one man brewery and bar tour guide for 1000's of people for decades, our friend Podge. R.I.P.




09/09/18  Monday Morning Mocha

A variation on my Raven Black recipe, less alcoholic at 8% but with a new Black Malt addition.  Does what it says on the tin or bottle.




21/03/19  Seagate Scottie Stout

New brew for  a 15 Litre trial of new recipe Seagate Scottie Stout. Has a beautiful Brown colour, aiming for modest, easy drinking 5.0 + %,

Original Gravity 1.058...intended for 33cl bottles and 5 litre kegs.

Uses Challenger Hops new for me.

Also getting more technical, added PH balancing , Iodine testing of wort to check proper mash and no starch present and using a yeast starter for the first time, see photos below,




27/12/18  Seagate Smokey Joe

Using lots of small quantities of left over malts produced this wonderful experimental small batch beer full of roasted and smoked malts, multi hopped for  a nutty taste with hints of smoke back taste. abv 6.5 %, even had to dig out a 5 litre demijohn as all 3 fast fermentors in use.




24/12/18  Seagate Temptress Tripel

Belgian style heavy blonde tripel beer. Great colour and proper head, smooth powerful taste with spicy yeast aftertaste, was one of the stars at a recent Belgian beer tasting session. Very proud Brewer. abv 8.1 %,

first use of my new logo crowns.




11/11/18  Seagate Santa's Ale

Belgian style Heavy Dark specialty beer. Great dark colour, smooth powerful taste with hints of Vanilla, Honey, Almonds and Mixed Spices, intended to be like a Christmas cake, need to up the additions next batch.  abv 8.0 %,

New flip top bottles and labels to suit.




18/10/18  Stevie's Seagate Saison

Belgian style farmhouse Clone Saison based on brilliant Saison Dupont using very similar ingredients as they use,.. Light, floral nose, zesty and spicy taste with crisp finish..  abv 6.0 %,

New Steine stubby bottles and labels to suit.